Supporting health, higher education,
human services and civic programs.


When are your meetings?
Usually in March, July and October. All of the Foundation’s grants for the current year have to be funded by November 30th, the Foundation’s fiscal year end.

What is the deadline for submitting a request prior to the Foundation’s meetings?
The first day of the month in which the Board of Trustees meeting is held.

Do you support nationally funded organizations?
Generally, not.

Will you fund operating expenses?
The Trustees have a long standing policy to not fund operational expenses.

Will grants be considered at any other time of the year?
This has not been a normal practice, but certain requests for emergency funding may be considered.

What items are of most importance in preparing a grant request?
We would like to see all of the information listed in the Grant Application Guidelines, but probably the most important document is a copy of the 501(C)(3) designation by the Internal Revenue Service and the name of a contact person, along with an e-mail address. 

Are there any reporting requirements?
Yes, we want a copy of the Grant Award Contract properly signed and returned to the Foundation. The contract calls for quarterly updates until the grant award is completely expended. At that time, final accounting is to be provided to the Foundation.